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Vung Chua - Đao Yen

The last resting place of the gereral Vo Nguyen Giap. The container is clean white sand beach stretching surrounded by the green of the vegetation untouched compared to many other beaches. Vung Chua attracting visitors by  the wild beauty and peace.


Vung chua is one of the beautifl landscapes , overlooking the East Sea airy but sheltered a peaceful space can feel somewhat general reasons for choosing this place to sleep eternal. Temple is not far from the island puddle romantic nest oats island about 1 km from shore, oats out container from the island just 20 minutes by boat. Nest is inhabited island overcrowded bird nest to where visitors will have the opportunity to see each chirping birds nest racing flow right on top of the head 1 scene very impressive and unforgettable.

Between the vast ouans, Dao Yen ( oats island ) emerged as blue gem honed. Primal poetic beauty with an area of bout 10 hectares well up from the sand particles, sandy beaches stretching, facing the East Sea has many majestic rock by waves created many different interesting shapes. Now that you are immersed in cool water.

Vung Chua is a land majestic mountains nice gentle ocean waves. In the future, this is a very valuable destination.

Island beauty of Vung Chua – Đao Yen

Coming to Vung Chua - Dao Yen tourists can visit the bell tower, the memorial house, and pine forests. Standing at the bell tower visitors can look wonderful landscapes where sun, sea and harmony between the green mountains endless. And this is also where many fishing boats dock to bring about fresh seafood.

Come to Vung Chua – Dao Yen, a sacred land and mighty.



Vũng Chùa – Đảo Yến nằm cách Đèo Ngang 7km về phía nam, thuộc thôn Thọ Sơn, xã Quảng Đông, huyện Quảng Trạch (Quảng Bình). Mũi Rồng, nơi an nghỉ cuối cùng của Đại tướng Võ Nguyên Giáp chính là ngọn núi Thọ thuộc dãy Hoành Sơn đâm ngang ra biển. Nơi đây được coi là có địa thế “rồng cuộn hổ ngồi”.



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